CosFest Craftsmanship Judging Form

In order to participate in the craftsmanship award category, you must make an appointment to be judged *prior* to your CosFest performance. The craftsmanship awards are based on the design, construction, execution, and general presentation of your costume/costumes.

Each person must fill out this form, even if you are in a group.

Group Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Contestant's Real Name:_____________________________________________________________________

The Judges would prefer that each competitor bring at least one color picture, preferably two, of each character the costume entries represent.

Character Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Name of Series / Game that your character is from: _____________________________________________

Do you wish to be judged as an individual, or as part of a group?    Individual    Group    Both

Please note that an entire group does not have to participate in the craftsmanship judging. An individual from a group can participate in craftsmanship judging on his/her own if he/she wishes to. However, if you wish to be judged as a group, all members of a group must be judged at the same time.

Who made this costume? ________________________________________________________________________

Have you ever worn this costume to a previous convention?    Yes    No

If yes, did you win any awards for costume this costume?    Yes    No

What were those awards? ________________________________________________________________________

How many conventions have you participated in a costume competition? ___________________________________

Please note that costumes purchased or rented from a costume shop, designer direct, eBay, Yahoo Auctions, Yahoo Japan Auctions, Cospa, or other Japanese or American store-bought costumes are prohibited and will negate your eligibility (and your group's eligibility, even if only one person in the group has disqualified costume) for a performance and/or craftsmanship prize. There are two notable exceptions, please see below:

I understand the above and agree that I created this costume myself or as part of a group effort. I agree that neither I nor anyone else has worn this costume in any previous Pacific Media Expo costume contest.

Your name: ___________________________________ Date: ___________________________________