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Martial arts films have been revitalized by computer effects, but gripping thrillers like the American remakes of Dark Water, The Grudge, and The Ring are opening doors to a whole new world of innovative filmmaking from Asian producers.

Hugely successful cult films like The Audition, Ichi the Killer, and Battle Royale keep pushing boundaries. See a mix of the hottest new films and modern genre classics.

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Asian Cinema Video Screenings

Arahan *
A Bittersweet Life *
Calamari Wrestler *
Dragonhead *
House of Fury *
Last Quarter *
Marebito *
Neighbor 13 *
Tale of Two Sisters
Three Extremes *
Throw Down
The Uninvited *
Vital *
* = Video premiere before theatrical or DVD release.

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Arahan (premiere*)

A wild mixture of kung fu, comedy and the wuxia genre. Rye Seong Beum plays a bumbling police officer that unwittingly becomes humankinds' last hope. When he encounters the seven masters he is entrusted with the key Arahan, to protect it from the resurrected seventh master.
Studio : Cinema Service
114 minutes, Korean with English subtitles


Azumi is a live action film adapted from Yu Koyama's popular manga. Strong and quick, Azumi is a female assassin that is given a deadly mission. The anime inspired villains, excessive gore and the incredible action-packed finale, make this a must see for anime fans.
Studio : Urban Vision
122 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles, 2002
Presented by Urban Vision

A Bittersweet Life (premiere*)

Assigned to guard the headstrong young girlfriend of his crime syndicate boss, enforcer Seon-woo lets his guard slip for an instant - and pays a horrific penalty. With its hard-bitten visual style, all rain and shadowy angles, and immaculate production values, this brutal masterpiece will have genre fans nailed to their seats.
Studio : CJ Entertainment
120 minutes, Korean with English subtitles

Calamari Wrestler (premiere*)

Koji clutches the Champion Belt, only to have it snatched away by a mysterious new challenger in the ring - a giant squid! Worse, this giant squid not only evades Koji's key attack, it destroys him with a Northern Light Suplex! A hilarious, over the top, cross Between The Muppets & Godzilla.
Studio : Pathfinder Pictures
92 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles, 2004

Dragonhead (premiere*)

Teru awakens from a terrible train accident to find his classmates dead. As if that wasn't bad enough, the tunnel they were going through has collapsed, leaving him trapped. He quickly locates two other survivors in an adjacent car, unfortunately, what awaits them outside is an apocalyptic nightmare.
Studio : Media Blasters / Tokyo Shock
122 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles, 2004

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Director : George Iida
Cast : Satoshi Tsumabuki, SAYAKA, Takayuki Yamada, Naohito Fujiki, Yoshimasa Kondou
Distributor : Media Blasters / Tokyo Shock

House of Fury (premiere*)

Action Choreographer Woo-Ping Yuen and actor Stephen Fung, direct this homage to early '90 martial arts films. Tedy's family doesn't believe that he was once a secret agent, until one day an old enemy uncovers his identity and kidnaps him. His son and daughter must now save him and use their amazing martial arts skills.
Studio : JC Entertainment
102 minutes, Chinese with English subtitles, 2005

Last Quarter (premiere*)

On her 19th birthday Muzuki (Chiaki Kuriyama), meets Adam. They fall in love and vow to meet a week later. However, before their meeting, on a night of the last quarter of the moon, Muzuki is run over by a car. She awakes to find herself a ghost in a gothic mansion and finds she cannot leave it. Adapted from the acclaimed manga by Yazawa Ai.
Studio : Shochiku
112 minutes, Japanese with English Subtitles, 2004

Marebito (premiere*)

Following his opportunistic filming of a suicide, Masuoka becomes obsessed with finding out what it was that the dead man witnessed just before he died. After reviewing the footage over and over, he decides that the man was not terrified by something he saw, but instead it was terror itself that caused something to appear that only he could see.
Studio : Tartan / Asia Extreme
92 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles, 2005

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Director : Takashi Shimizu
Cast : Shinya Tsukamoto, Kazuhiro Nakahara, Shun Sugata
Distributor : Tartan / Asia Extreme


In a corner of Asia, there is a little street that is a big melting pot called Malepa. It was there where Shou (Gackt), raised as an orphan, and Kei (Hyde), who could live forever, met and became the best of friends. They struggle to escape from the gang related fights for power on the street of Malepa.
Studior: TLA Releasing
121 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles, 2002

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Director : Takahisa Zeze
Cast : Hyde, Gackt
Distributor : TLA Releasing

Neighbor 13 (premiere*)

An abused child develops multiple personalities as a teenager. His dual personalities, one weak and kind, the other strong and a sociopath, are kept well hidden. That is, until a very evil and cruel bully moves into his building and the stronger personality starts to emerge to protect the weaker one. And that's when the freaky stuff starts to happen. Starring Ami (Puffyamiyumi) and Takashi Miike.
Studio : Media Blasters / Tokyo Shock
115 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles, 2005

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official Japanese website
Director : Yasuo Inoue
Cast : Shido Nakamura, Shun Oguri, Yumi Yoshimura, Takashi Miike
Distributor : Media Blasters / Tokyo Shock

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Tale of Two Sisters

Based on an old Korean fairy tale; two sisters come to live with their cold and distant father and stepmother in a house where nothing is as it seems. Equal parts drama, mystery, and ghost story.
Studio : Tartan / Asian Extreme
115 minutes, Korean with English subtitles, 2003

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Director : Kim Jee-woon
Cast : Im Su-Jeong, Mun Geun-Yeong, Yeom Jeong-A
Distributor : TLA Releasing

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Three Extremes (premiere*)

Three chilling tales from Asia’s best directors, Takashi Miike (Ichi The Killer), Chan Wook-Park (Old Boy) and Fruit Chan (Hollywood Hong Kong). Each story is a mini masterpiece of terror.
Studio : Lions Gate
118 minutes, in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean and Japanese with English subtitles

Throw Down

A former Judo champion (Louis Koo), who walked out on his biggest fight for no apparent reason, soaks himself in booze and misery as the owner of a small nightclub. That is, until Judo fighter (Aaron Kwok) bent on challenging him and a nightclub singer inspire him to finish what he started.
Studio : Tai-Seng
95 minutes, Chinese with English Subtitles

The Uninvited (premiere*)

Internationally acclaimed horror-thriller, wherein the comforts of home portend the threats of the unknown. Jung-won strives to build a happy home for himself and his new wife and Yun seeks freedom from the burdens of her nightmarish past. Together they must confront soul-stirring secrets and specters.
Studio : Panik House
126 minutes, Korean with English subtitles, 2003

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Director : Su-Yeon Lee
Cast : Park Shin-Yang, Jun Ji-Hyun (My Sassy Girl)
Distributor : Panik House

Vital (premiere*)

Tadanobu Asano stars as Hiroshi Takagi, a young man who has just regained consciousness. He had slipped into a coma after a horrible car accident, which claimed the life of Ryoko, his girlfriend. Shinya Tskukamoto (Iron Man, Snake In June) directs a deeply human story anchored by yet another strong performance by the amazingly versatile Asano.
Studio : Tartan / Asia Extreme
86 minutes, Japanese with English subtitles, 2004

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Director : Shinya Tsukamoto
Cast : Tadanobu Asano, Nami Tsukamoto, Kiki, Kazuyoshi Kushida, Lily, Hana Kino
Distributor : Tartan / Asia Extreme

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* = Video premiere before theatrical or DVD release.