CosFest 2005 Winners!

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The photos on this page were generously donated by Ziggy's Cosplay. Click on the images for larger versions.
Ziggy's Cosplay

Craftsmanship Awards

Honorable Mention, Craftsmanship, Individual:
#16 - Pink Lemon Productions
Maya from Magna Carta 2
Honorable Mention, Craftsmanship, Group:
#24 - Lion-Hearts Cosplay
Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion from Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Max Callahan’s Judges Award, Craftsmanship:
#11 Eleventh Hour Cosplay
Princess Sophia from Last Exile
Debbie Callahan’s Judges Award, Craftsmanship:
#34 The Revelation
Seth Nightlod, Abel Nightlord, Astharoshe Asran, and Esther Blanchett from Trinity Blood
Wayne Kaa and Chrissy Jaio’s Judges Award, Craftsmanship:
#2 Hoshikage
Freya Crescent (Trance Versioon) from Final Fantasy IX
Design Award, Craftsmanship:
#21 Macabre
Kaoru, Toshiy, Die, Kyo from Dir En Grey
Best of Show, Craftsmanship, Group:
#18 Baron's Next Top Model
Rose and Rydia from Final Fantasy IV
Best of Show, Craftsmanship, Individual:
#37 Dancing Fool
Jon Talbain AKA Gallan from Darkstalkers

Presentation Awards

Honorable Mention, Presentation (1):
#25 Good Enough Cosplay
Orochimaru from Naruto

Honorable Mention, Presentation (2):
#1 Zero Cosplay Development / Reploid Production Studios
God Gundam and Rain Mikamura from G-Gundam

Honorable Mention, Presentation (3):
#18 Baron's Next Top Model
Rose and Rydia from Final Fantasy IV
Max and Debbie Callahan's Judges Award, Presentation:
#10 Wings of Chaos
Wizard, Novice, Assassin Cross, High Wizard, Monk, High Priest, Kapra from Ragnarok Online
Wayne Kaa’s Judges Award, Presentation:
#6 The Light Warriors
The Fury from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
Chrissy Jaio’s Judges Award, Presentation:
#31 USA Musume
Mai Satoda, Asami, Rika Ishikawa
NEED PICTURE!! Best of Show, Presentation, Junior/Youth:
#26 Naruto's Hottest Couple
Haruno Sakura (winner) and Uchiha Sasuke
Best of Show, Presentation:
#17 H.C.C.
Der Tod, Elisabeth, the Mermaid -- all from Elisabeth (Takarazuka)