Twisted Tea Party

A Goth Loli Event | Hostess' Prize | Registration | Rules and Procedures

A Goth Loli Event

The Twisted Tea Party (Gothic Lolita Event) is where you and your team can show off your costuming and visual presentation skills. The goal of this event is simple: Create a living exhibit of a Gothic Lolita Tea Party complete with backdrops, costumes, and props. It can be any genre: Elegant Gothic Lolita (EGL), Elegant Gothic Aristocrat (EGA), Classic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, or invent your own. This is a great opportunity for budding costume, interior decoration, and visual communication designers - a rare opportunity to combine forces to create a stunning exhibit, possibly adding a unique entry to your portfolios. Basic materials such as tables and chairs/benches will be provided upon request, and we'll even foot the bill to transport your scenery/props to and from PMX. Press is invited to the event. Lastly, a prize of $100 will be awarded to the best overall Twisted Tea Party!

Hostess' Prize

During the exhibit, the hostesses will be examining your creation. Your curator (your group representative) will be asked a number of questions about your exhibit. If you opt not to have a spokesperson, then your written explanation will be used in the judging. Some common questions will be:

  • What was your inspiration for this project?
  • How was it constructed?
  • What is your overall message to the viewers?
  • What special feature does your exhibit have? Can you demonstrate it?

Rules and Procedures

  • Pre-registration is required. Entries must be received by August 24, 2005. Early registration is highly recommended for logistics coordination. A rough sketch and brief project explanation are also required for entry.
  • Each team is given an eight-foot round table and up to six chairs.
  • The combined weight of your scenery, excluding costumes, must be less than 75 lbs.
  • There is a limit of six (6) people per group. Up to five people may act as a part of the Tea Party, and only one (1) person may play the role of a curator who interfaces with the public and the press. Alternatively, all six members may participate in the Tea Party, and an explanation can be written and displayed to the public.
  • Scenery must fit within the space of 11x13 feet, and must not use live electricity. Powered props will only be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Only faux (fake) food or drinks should be used.
  • All productions must be PG-13 rated; it should not cause your grandmother to faint if she saw it.
  • A hostess' critique is available for participating groups. Those who participate on the critique are eligible to win a cash prize of $100.
  • There is a 2-hour time limit to assemble and dress each member for the final display. You may dress ahead of time, but it is not recommended if your costume is delicate and may be ruined in the process of setting up.
  • A mandatory orientation meeting will be held on Saturday, September 3, 2005 in order for contestants to sign in, track props/scenery inventory, and for general communication purposes.


Please print, fill out, and submit this form by first class mail before the August 24 deadline to ensure we have time to process it before the convention. You can also contact the Twisted Tea Party hostess by e-mail.